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About Me

I'm so happy you're here! There are two things you need to know about me—I'm an award-winning creative, deeply passionate about creativity and running, and about to self-publish a novel (eek!). Okay, that's three. I'm just making sure you're paying attention. 


What I do during the day

I'm an award-winning Art Director with 15+ years of creative leadership experience. I focus on brand strategy through aspirational storytelling and compelling creative solutions. I have a passion for innovation and am always eager to take on the next creative challenge.

What I do during the… I actually do this during the day, too.

I run. I absolutely love running. I was honored to run the Boston Marathon for Girls on the Run Greater Boston in 2017. I'm actively involved in the organization and committed to empowering young girls to reach their fullest potential. I coached for the program and have seen firsthand its impact on these girls. I was also the Gala Silent Auction Chair and the co-director of the SoleMates program.


This is the best part!

Did you know that leading a creative team and running a marathon requires similar skills? They do, I'm proof; I kid you not.


There are so many overlaps, but I'll focus on the big three: Leadership, Strategy, and Adaptability.



Leadership has always come naturally to me. Nothing makes me happier than to foster and develop the skills of designers and lead them toward their success. The same goes for running; I've coached and mentored many future runners and taught them through perseverance that they can reach any goal they set for themselves. 



Strategy might be the most important thing to me. Understanding what is needed, listening (that key), communicating, and collaborating set the team up for success. Setting goals and applying strategic thinking are essential to achieving success in the office or on the road. 



Lastly, adaptability is my guiding principle. Whether it's last-minute changes to a major campaign or running in below-zero temperatures in the dead of a New England winter, I take pride in my ability to flex and meet any challenges that may arise.


Currently, I'm on the lookout for new full-time opportunities to contribute my design expertise to collaborative teams. We can also chat about races because I have a ton of stories. Let's chat!


One last thing!

Were you wondering about that novel? It will soon be available at a store near you or at least on Amazon. Here's a sneak peek! 

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