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Exchange South End (XSE)

Art Director + Designer

Art Direction



Exchange South End is a pioneering urban campus located in the heart of Boston's South End neighborhood, designed to cater to the needs of the burgeoning life science and technology industries. It offers a blend of commercial and research spaces alongside retail amenities and public open areas. The marketing center serves as a pivotal hub for showcasing the campus's features to potential tenants, employing interactive graphics to inform and captivate.


The brokers wanted to showcase that the campus offers every amenity and resource that life science and big tech companies are looking for to recruit the best talent.


My primary objective of Exchange South End's marketing center graphics was to provide a comprehensive overview of the campus's offerings while fostering engagement and visual appeal. A key emphasis was placed on enabling potential companies to envision themselves as part of the Exchange South End community. 

Visualizations of customizable office spaces and shared amenities were incorporated into the design to stimulate imagination and visitors could delve into specific areas of interest, accessing detailed information about available spaces, amenities, and the surrounding environment. This approach not only informed but also empowered potential tenants to tailor their experience based on their preferences and requirements.


The graphics successfully communicated the campus's unique value proposition to potential tenants by creating an immersive and informative experience, driving interest and accelerating the leasing process.

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