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Energy Federation, Inc.

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Energy Federation, Inc. (EFI), a leader in environmental technology solutions, has been dedicated to minimizing societal impacts on the environment for over 35 years. In 2018, the company redirected its focus towards the utility sector, recognizing an opportunity to leverage its technology to assist utility companies in achieving their energy efficiency goals.


The primary objective of EFI's rebranding initiative was to increase brand recognition within the utility sector while educating stakeholders about the company's expertise in energy efficiency technology. Additionally, EFI aimed to attract new clients and strengthen existing relationships by effectively communicating its value proposition.


I approached this project by developing a new brand identity that would resonate with the utility audience and their current clients. By creating an engaging narrative through strategic storytelling, EFI's capabilities and commitment to sustainability were highlighted across multiple platforms, including web, social media, print, events, email promotions, apparel, office graphics, and vehicle graphics, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

In tandem with the rebranding, EFI formulated a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) to address pressing environmental challenges, such as climate change, while promoting a healthier and more prosperous future. I created visually appealing layouts and infographics to effectively communicate the plan's objectives and actionable steps. By translating complex sustainability goals into visually digestible content, I ensured that the SAP served as a clear and actionable framework for EFI, its employees, and its clients to contribute towards a more sustainable future.


EFI's strategic rebranding and implementation of the Sustainability Action Plan have not only increased brand awareness within the utility sector but also led to a significant influx of new clients.


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