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One Post Office Square

Art Director + Designer

Art Direction

Print Design


One Post Office Square, situated in the heart of Boston's Downtown, is transforming significantly to solidify its position as the city's premier office tower. As part of this revitalization effort, the management recognized the need to update its marketing collateral to reflect the property's state-of-the-art amenities, upscale dining options, and breathtaking city views. 


The challenge with this opportunity was the overly-saturated market of available commercial real-estate in this area.


Recognizing the need to set our building apart from the saturated market, I designed a luxury video and printed brochure, to effectively communicate the tower's strategic objectives and attract potential leasing partners. In close collaboration with the property management team, we identified key selling points and developed compelling content that highlights the tower's unique features and benefits, instilling confidence in our potential tenants and decision-makers.

I designed visually captivating layouts for print and digital formats, ensuring consistency with the tower's branding and aesthetics. 

The brochures were strategically distributed at industry events, networking functions, and leasing meetings, targeting potential tenants, brokers, and decision-makers in the commercial real estate market.


The luxury video and print brochure campaign played a pivotal role in elevating One Post Office Square's brand and attracting potential leasing partners. 

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